4th International Week

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"New Challenges of the 21st Century"
4th International Week

Budapest, 25-28 April 2016

About 4th International Week

Keleti Faculty of Business and Management at Óbuda University is organising its 4th International Week 25-28 April 2016, in the frame of the new Erasmus+ and Creditmobility Programs.

We would like to invite YOU to participate and share your knowledge and expertise with our students and colleagues. The 4th International Week is dedicated to the topic “New Challenges of the 21st Century”. Hence, guest lecturers are required to present a business or engineering-related topic (mechanical, mechatronics or safety-engineering) of their choice emphasising the given field’s latest challenges. During the 4th International Week You will have possibilities:

  • to learn more about Óbuda University and about Keleti Faculty of Business and Management, Donát Bánki Faculty of Machanical nad Safety Engineering

  • to network with other Hungarian and international guest lecturers from our partner universities

  • to promote your university to our students
  • last but not least to visit the best places in our beautiful city.

Some important information

Welcome address: Budapest 17, Tavaszmező street

Address of lectures: Budapest 17, Tavaszmező Street; 8, Népszínház Street

Staff training address: Budapest 17, Tavaszmező Street

Scientific Roundtable address: 8, Népszínház Street

The Centre for International Mobility (CIM) located in the 17, Tavaszmező Street, the 1st floor, room 137.

Lectures: Guest lecturers are required to present a business engineering-related topic (mechanical, mechatronics or safety-engineering) of their choice emphasising the given field’s latest challenges.

Teaching hours: according to Erasmus+ and Creditmobility Programs 8 hours are required.

Language: English

Requirements and evaluation of students’ performance: Since Óbuda University students are to attend the lectures of the 4th International Week as an intensive course, they are required to write a test on the topics our guest lecturers have addressed. Lecturers, therefore, are requested to create a test paper consisting of 15 multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers based on their lectures and send them to the organisers. A computer and a beamer will be provided for. If you might need any additional equipment, please feel free to let us know.

The International Advertisement: staff members are invited to represent their institution with a "billboard”. This billboard is an opportunity to promote academic exchanges in general and home institution in particular, to both our local and our Erasmus+ students. These marketing materials will be hung on the walls of the campuses. Please prepaire them in 3 copies and hand them upon arrival to the Erasmus Office. (Not smaller than A3 size)

Deadlines: The number of guest lecturers is limited – we cannot accept more than 25 applicants.
If You are interested, please apply not later than 28 February!
We accept the applications according to the registration rank. The responses will be sent by e-mail before 25 March 2016.

Administration:Colleagues from higher educational institutions with Erasmus+ or Creditmobility bilateral agreements with Óbuda University will be provided with Erasmus certificate. Please, ask for the necessary papers for an Erasmus Teaching Staff Exchange from your international office! Colleagues from other institutions will be provided with a formal certificate of attendance.

It is a great pleasure to invite you and your colleagues to participate in our traditional “Management, Enterprise and Benchmarking” (MEB) International Conference” on 29-30 April 2016, closing the International Week. Please check MEB website http://kgk.uni-obuda.hu/meb

Useful information about accommodation and transport

For further information according to the teaching hours or the conference do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kornélia Lazányi at lazanyi.kornelia@kgk.uni-obuda.hu or Ms. Ildikó Marosi at marosi.ildiko@kgk.uni-obuda.hu !

If you have any questions concerning the Erasmus+ or Creditmobility organizational matters, please contact Ms. Mária Dudás at dudas.maria@rh.uni-obuda.hu or Ms. Ildikó Marosi at marosi.ildiko@kgk.uni-obuda.hu.

András Medve PhD
Kornélia Lazányi PhD
Vice-Dean for Research
Mária Dudás
Director of CIM
Ildikó Marosi PhD
Programme Coordinator

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Registrate to the 4th International Week!

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