MEB 2012

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Proceedings are available below.

1. Jernej Belak, Mojca Duh, Borut Milfelner: Culture and Dynamics of an Enterprise0 byte
2. Edward J. Romar: Off Target: Are there Ethical limits to Benchmarking and Business Analytics0 byte
3. Walter Ruda, Thomas A. Martin, Benjamin Danko, Agnieszka Kurczewska:Existenzgründungsintentionen von Studierenden – Ein Entrepreneurship-Vergleich von Polen und Deutschland 0 byte
4. Ľubica Lesáková: Foreign Direct Investment and Transnational Corporations in the Economy of Slovakia0 byte
5. László Szerb, Ruta Aidis, Zoltán J. Ács: Entrepreneurship in Hungary in the 2006-2010 time period0 byte
6. Antal Szabó: Family businesses in Hungary0 byte
7. Hadžić Miroljub, Pavlović Petar: Small and innovative companies successfully adjusted to crisis circumstances, only0 byte
8. György Kadocsa, Anna Francsovics: Vergleichende Wettbewerbsfähigkeitsanalyse der KMU in Ungarn0 byte
9. Florin Duma: Developments and Constraints for the Romanian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises0 byte
10. Petko Ruskov, Kaloyan Haralampiev, Lachesar Georgiev: Online Investigation of SMEs Competitive Advantage0 byte
11. Tjaša Štrukelj, Matjaž Mulej, Simona Sternad: Values toward Social Responsibility – Golden Thread for Future Enterprise Competitiveness0 byte
12. Matthijs H. M. Hammer: How Business Management benefit from Entrepreneurship349.31 KB
13. Bistra Vassileva: Real-time Marketing Scorecard as a Benchmarking Tool983.86 KB
14. Zoltán Imre Nagy: Die Rolle der Rechtsformen in der Führung des professionellen Fußballs1.72 MB
15. Darina Matisková, Ladislav Mura: Determining the Economic Effect from Automation in Production553.09 KB
16. Marina Letonja, Mojca Duh, Zdenka Ženko: Importance of Transferring Tacit and Experiential Knowledge as well as Social Capital of Founders for Innovativeness of Successors in Smaller Family Firms218.29 KB
17. Jolán Velencei: E-Coaching through Knowledge Platform613.34 KB
18. László Borbás: Hungary’s competitiveness in the light of Europe 2020 strategy169.32 KB
19. Melinda Majláth: Actual Questions of Green Marketing367.88 KB
20. Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir, András Medve: The perception of the recession due to the effects of the economic crisis in view of the questionnaire-based research results256.24 KB
21. Mónika Fodor, András Medve, Zoltán Árpási: The Southern Great Plain Region, as wellness destination from the visitors’ perspective187.25 KB
22. Kornélia Lazányi: Stress and the means of coping in organisations165.08 KB
23. Péter Szikora: Dynamic cooperative models of coalition formation and the core158.99 KB
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