MEB 2013.

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Proceedings are available below.

Antal SZABÓ: Support of Innovative Enterpreneurship and Innovation for SME’s14.91 MB
Walter Ruda, Bernhard Dackiw: Characteristics of Controlling in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Germany – An Empirical Study225.67 KB
Ľubica Lesáková: Innovation Networks in Small and Medium Enterprises Sector180.9 KB
László Szerb, Éva Komlósi, Zoltán J. Ács, Raquel Ortega-Argilés: Measuring Regional Entrepreneurship in Hungary727.5 KB
Miroljub Hadžić, Petar Pavlović: Business Climate for SMEE in Serbia is still not Very Favorable – Is Belgrade an Exception?353.5 KB
Ágnes Milovecz, Erzsébet Noszkay, József Poór: Knowledge Transfer in Professional Service Business – In Focus Consultant and Client Relationships in Crisis Environment360.16 KB
Ágnes Szlávicz, Nemanja Berber: Strategic Human Resource Management at Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises in Serbia374.21 KB
Zoltán Imre Nagy, Viktor Való: The Lawful Execution of Employer’s Rights is an Important Subsystem of Corporate Governance (a Labour Case Study)257.72 KB
Altin Uka: Managers Perceptions of their Management Team Performance on Strategy Execution in Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Company of Lezha City886.95 KB
Silvia Leuze: Cultural Influence on Service Requirements of International Customers in B2B Empirical Investigation among Customers of L’Orange622.43 KB
Kornélia Lazányi: Entrepreneurs, Not Lone Wolves173.19 KB
Árpád Ferenc Papp-Váry: The Depiction of Advertising Industry in Novels and Their Incorporation in Education230.01 KB
András Farkas: A Comparison of MCDA Techniques TOPSIS and MAROM in Evaluating Bus Alternative-fuel Modes448.25 KB
Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir, András Medve: Were the Workplaces in Danger after the Crisis – Answers based on a Questionnaire Research504.62 KB
Ildikó Marosi: Age and Knowledge Management188.62 KB
Mónika Fodor, Szilvia Mészáros-Pintér, András Medve: How to Sell Something Else, which is Actually the Same – Beer to Women?!223.39 KB
Mónika Fodor, Katalin Medvene Szabad, Attila Szűcs: The Opinion of the Hungarian Population about Health Preservation and the Connection between Wellness and Health Care204.76 KB
Valéria Szekeres: Concepts and Experiences - Female and Male Students about Technology Higher Education Programmes152.05 KB
László Borbás: Access to Finance as Main Challenge for European SMEs. Can COSME Help between 2014-2020?231.71 KB
Justyna Lewandowska: Causes of Losses in Supply Chains208.54 KB
Péter Szikora: Introduction into the literature of cooperative game theory with special emphasis on dynamic games and the core65.73 KB
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