FIKUSZ 2014.

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1. Anikó Almási: Specialities of Corporate Identity at SMEs258.14 KB
2. Lucia Bartuskova, Karina Kubelkova: Main Challanges in Measuring Gender Inequality258.63 KB
3. Helmut Birnleitner: Attractiveness of Countries for Foreign Direct Investments from the Macro-Economic Perspective600.97 KB
4. Tibor Csorba: Overview of the Key European Aerospace Jet Engine Research and Development Markets219.45 KB
5. Nathalie Mia Vilbrand Dyve. Fanny Simone Steinbuchel: 51 Is there an Entrepreneurial Behavior that gives an Indication of what is identified as an Entrepreneurial Profile?235.92 KB
6. Tibor Erményi: Financial and Controlling Innovations during the Economic Crisis44.09 KB
7. Marlena Grabowska, Monika Strzelczyk: Selected Aspects of Functioning of Rail Transportation in Europe479.03 KB
8. Katarzyna Grondys, Iga Kott, Monika Strzelczyk: The Problem of Excess and Obsolete Inventory Management on the Example of Spare Parts278.62 KB
9. Matthijs H.M. Hammer: Premature Entrepreneurial Exit: Exploring the Role of Goal Setting Bias422.05 KB
10. Attila Kovács: Political Networks in the European Parliament: Network Analysis of the 2013 Common Agricultural Policy Reform552.26 KB
11. Natália Kovács, Melinda Majláth: Directives and Possibilities of Enviromentally Friendly Construction302.7 KB
12. Iris Kruja: Impact of Firm Specific Characteristics in the Access to External Finances of SMEs254.69 KB
13. Malgorzata Kurac, Sylwia Legowik-Swiacik: Investments in Human Capital and Innovativeness of Enterprises248.56 KB
14. Kornélia Lazányi: People With Disabilities – Perception and Labour Market Opportunities352.44 KB
15. Sylwia Legowik-Swiacik, Malgorzata Kuras: Making Decisions on the Parameters of Value Flow in Support Processes of Manufacturing Companies341.87 KB
16. Agata Mesjasz-Lech, Marlena Wilk: Utilisation of Tourist Accommodation Establishments in Poland as a Significant Feature of Logistic Infrastructure in the Field of Tourism – Selected Aspects260.88 KB
17. Ivan Mihajlovic, Zivan Zivkovic: Development of the Algorithm for Selection of Appropriate Numerical Modeling Approach1.03 MB
18. Dusko Ranisavljevic: The Flow Chart of Satisfaction Levels of Personal Customers Through the Credit Process in Serbian Retail Banking Market287.93 KB
19. Christin Richter: Development of a Risk Culture Intensity Index to Evaluate the Financial Market in Germany345.36 KB
20. Réka Saáry: The Significance of Internal Communication in the Management of Successful Change426.54 KB
21. Gunter Salchner: Setting up Effective Management in Rural Development238.82 KB
22. Michael Schwandt: The Influence of Trainings on Employees´ Knowledge about Risk Management – A Statistical Analysis of the Construction Business241.31 KB
23. Domonkos F Vamossy: Relationship between Youth Unemployment and Minimum Real Wage: An Empirical Analysis of the Hungarian Labor Market Using Multivariate Least Squares Regression Analysis191.39 KB
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