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FIKUSZ 2018 Proceedings

Effect of the basic Corporate Identity factors (organizational culture and strategy) on the competitiveness of SMEs
Aniko Almasi

Industrial revolution 4.0, renewable energy: A content analysis
Mutaz Alshafeey, Asefeh Asemi, Omar Rashdan

The Risk of Using Biometrics
Haya Altaleb, Sinan Kocak

Implications of the enforcement of the international accounting standards over the financial and economic information of the Spanish companies
Begona Alvarez-Garcia, Joaquin Enriquez-Diaz, Maria Teresa Fernandez Rodriguez, Felix Puime-Guillen

Talent management at Obuda University focusing on teachers’ and students’ roles
Eva Beke, Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei

10 minutes neurofeedback for better concentration
Botond Boncz

Human Safety requirements based on a steering by wire system
Safa Jameel Dawood Al-Kamil Tamas Szakacs

Profitability of Agriculture in a Service-oriented World
Arpad Duczon

The financing options for the Romanian SMEs in the current economic condition
Florin Duma

Regional competitiveness in the European Union: The role of individual and institutional factors
Zsofia Feher, Krisztina Horvath, Laszlo Szerb

The impact of cloud computing on business - IT strategic alignment
Peter Fuzes

Health and youth
Gyarmati Gabor, Karlovitz Janos Tibor

The past and future of CAP - Hungarian and Polish similarities and differences
Gyarmati Gabor, Mizik Tamas

Blockchain in Taxation
Zoltan Hima

Project ownership and stakeholders – From a project manager’s angle
Csaba Jozsef Ivanyi-Windhoffer

Development and implementation of the numerical model for predicting the values of ecological footprint, based on the Monte Carlo methodology
Radmila Jankovic, Ivan Mihajlovic

Modelling interconnection between provision under IFRS9 and countercyclical capital buffer
Csaba Kadar

Women Motivations Applying for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education and Workplaces in Hungary
Aniko Kelemen-Erdos, Valeria Szekeres

An examination of the efficiency of logistics processes at STI Hungary Kft
Tamas Kiraly, Karoly KisJakab, Regina Reicher

Is it really difficult to decide? Conflict management with conclusion of a case
Csilla Kohlhoffer-Mizser

EBRD investments in the financial sector of the Serbia
Aleksandar Kosutic

The European Migration Crisis and the aspects of Security Politics
Tamas Kun

Opportunities and dangers of self driving cars
Nikolett Madarasz, Peter Szikora

Reasons for carbon-free resources and viewing conventional energy supply on the results of a research
Ferenc Molnar

Future of the Robotic Process Automation
Mihaly Panyi

Competencies by Learning and Development- A key to Performance Management
Hima Parameswaran

Socioeconomic picture of Western Hemisphere 10 years after global crisis - Evidence from selected economies
Iwona Pawlas

Work, stress vs. hobby, flow
Orsolya Peto

Making marketing strategy and integrated marketing communication in the service market
Anett Popovics, Reka Saary

Financial risks of microenterprises
Viola Suhayda

The challenges of an aging society - The topical issues of pension security
Zsolt Szabo

Opportunities and Challenges for the Marketing of Organic Products in Szeklerland
Kinga Katalin Szekely

A comprehensive analysis of generation-specific characteristics of investments to increase the level of employment
Tibor Pal Szemere

Complex performance matrix revisited
Aron Szennay

The analysis of the health care market development in Poland – its directions and threats
Aleksandra Szewieczek

Apple crisis versus Karinthy’ six steps
Diana Szucs

An American dream
Julia Telepoczki

Sustainable development in reflection of the laboratory market
Anita Tolnay, Ildiko Bartus, Andras Koris

A Game and an Experiment
Gabor Toth, Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei

An exploration of sensory marketing in fast-fashion retailing
Gabriella Ujvari, Aniko Kelemen-Erdos

HUNLYWOOD – comparison of EU cinematography focusing on Hungarian and Latvian film industry
Cyntia Valocikova

Surveying IT threats for server of small business in real-environment with honeypot
David Janos Feher, David Baranyai
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