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Prof. Dr. László Józsa - Market challenges– marketing answers in the 21st century0 byte
Dr. Péter Dobay - Re-thinking ICT: The Train Has Left the Station1.33 MB
01 SZEKERES Valeria: Attitudes of female pupils and students toward technology higher education programmes600.08 KB
02 LOVASZ Gabriella: Labour mediation and dilemmas of mediators572.96 KB
03 Andreea CICEO: Exploring Audiences’ Behavior in the Theatre Land480.64 KB
04 LAZANYI Kornelia: Study for nothing? Literature overview of labour market opportunities for individuals with tertiary education504.81 KB
05 Daniela-Emanuela DANACICA: Unemployment Duration and Exit States of Women in Romania and Hungary489.3 KB
06 Diana POCIOVALISTEANU: Workforce Movement: Romania and the European Union345.31 KB
07 Diana SADOVEANU: Dealing with the Challenges of Capital Inflows: The case of Romania538.64 KB
08 Martina VRANKOVA: 91 Inflation Targeting and Behavioural Economics: Introduction540.42 KB
09 Justyna LEWANDOWSKA: 101 Identification losses in the FMCG1 sector in the light of the European and global researches908.43 KB
10 KATONA Ferenc: Marketing-controlling in the service sector863.86 KB
11 SZABO Richard: Investors Trust and PVGO787.43 KB
12 kHROTKO-MAJLATH: Internalization of Ecological Problems – Is This the Right Method?585.33 KB
13 LOSONCZI Gyorgy: Competitive Website Evaluation in Higher Education584.91 KB
14 KESZTHELYI Andras: How Kournikova can help to steal data?246.71 KB
15 HEGEDUS Mihaly: Styrol emission reduction during the processing of unsaturated polyester504.89 KB
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