FIKUSZ 2016.

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Table of Contents2.87 MB
Information308.95 KB
P. Holicza, K. Baimakova, E. Lukin: Russian Socio-Economic Development: The Present Situation and Future Directives412.8 KB
T. Bozány, A. Kolnhofer-Derecskei: Which Aspects are able to Influence the Decision in Case of the Bids for the Olympic Games?478.74 KB
Michał Dahlke: Efficiency of Active Labour Market Policies in Poland259.91 KB
Regina Fekete, Anikó Kelemen-Erdős: Attendance and the Sports Merchandise Preferences of Fans – the case of Hungary366.71 KB
Gábor Gyarmati: Challenges and Opportunities of Organic Farming252.95 KB
Haas Franz : Reappraisal of Austrian Business Confidence Survey 2015 for Mainland China258.76 KB
Péter Horváth: Change Management Process with IT Support at Manufacturing Company356.47 KB
Beáta Kádár, Regina Zsuzsánna Reicher: Education Supported by SME vs. SME Supported by Education266.04 KB
Péter Kártyás: Knowledge Increase in the F-Era322.62 KB
Kata Keveházi: Importance of Female Entrepreneurship491.92 KB
Sonja Leković, Zita Petrović Katai: Comparative Analyses of Electronic Retailing in Hungary and the Republic of Serbia561.86 KB
Melinda Majláth: How Does Greenwashing Effect the Firm, the Industry and the Society- the Case of the VW Emission Scandal689.82 KB
Judit Pásztor, Szabina Valent: Fringe Benefit - still a Motivation?601.46 KB
Zsolt Szabó: Microsimulation Modelling of the Pension System523.79 KB
Torda Tamás, Tordai Zita: What about Change? An Old Theory in a New Light.562.61 KB
Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei, Viktor Nagy: Under Risk816.76 KB
Anna Hidvégi, Anikó Kelemen-Erdős: Assessing the Online Purchasing Decisions of Generation Z642.52 KB
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